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Heart Development (Same Posting in LL and Thorax)

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Posted by J. Immonen on August 20, 2012 at 23:02:46:

T/F: The development of the bulboventricular loop or the "U-shaped heart" preceded development of the "S-shaped heart."
T/F: The septum primum gives rise to the valve of the foramen ovale.
T/F: The foramen secundum forms before the foramen primum during atrial septation.
T/F: Partitioning of the primordial atria, primordial ventricle, bulbus cordis and the AV canal is completed by the 8th week.
T/F: The aorticopulmonary septum completes a 360 degree spiral to partition the aorta and pulmonary trunk. This septation is occuring in the lumen of the bulbus cordis.
T/F: The foramen ovale allows for shunting of oxygenated blood from the left atria to the right atria.
T/F: The ductus venosus is a fetal shunt that bypasses the liver and delivers blood of high oxygen content to the IVC.
T/F: The conus arteriosus is a smooth section of ventricular myocardium leading up to the aortic valve in the RV.
T/F: Pulmonary veins grow into the dorsal atrium from the posterior thoracic wall.
T/F: All 3 cusps of the tricuspid valve development between weeks 5 and 8.
T/F: The AV node is located in the floor of the left atria and conducts a contraction impulse to the SA node.

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