Abdomen, Pelvis, and Perineum Practice Practicals and "Hit Lists"

Practice Practical List - 2023

  1. Arcuate line
  2. Superior epigastric artery
  3. Fundiform ligament
  4. Median umbilical ligament/fold
  5. Lateral umbilical ligament fold
  6. Medial crual fibers
  7. Cremasteric fascia
  8. External spermatic fascia
  9. Efferent ductules
  10. Tail of epididymis
  11. Panpiniform plexus
  12. Testicular artery
  13. Hepatoduodenal ligament with contents
  14. Gastroleino ligament
  15. Superior Mesenteric artery at pancreatic notch
  16. Inferior anterior posterior pancreaticoduodental artery (from SMA)
  17. Short gastric artery
  18. First jejunal artery
  19. Left colic artery
  20. cystic artery
  21. Middle colic artery
  22. Greater splanchnic nerve (percing crus of diaphragm)
  23. Celiac/Superior Mesenteric ganglion
  24. Gray ramus communican (at L4/5)
  25. Lumbar splanchnic nerve
  26. Superior hypogastric plexus
  27. Left hypogastric nerve
  28. Arcade
  29. Vasa recta
  30. Left hepatic vein
  31. Major duodenal papilla
  32. Dorsal pancreatic artery
  33. Inferior phrenic artery
  34. Lumbar sympathetic trunk
  35. Minor calyx
  36. Middle suprarenal vein
  37. Suprarenal (central) vein
  38. Lumbocostal trigone
  39. Lateral arcuate ligament
  40. Median arcuate ligament
  41. Left crus of diaphragm at vertebral bodies
  42. Mesoovarium
  43. Round ligament within mesometrium
  44. Fimbria
  45. Inferior rectal nerve
  46. Bulbospongiosus
  47. Perineal body
  48. Deep dorsal vein
  49. Dorsal nerve penis/clitoris
  50. Perineal membrane
  51. Arcus tendineus
  52. Levator ani
  53. Puborectalis within ischiorectal (Dr. Bollard slide)
  54. Posterior scrotal/labial nerve
  55. Pudendal nerve within pelvis
  56. Internal pudendal artery within pelvis
  57. Ventral ramus L3 (dissect psoas major)
  58. Lumbar plexus
  59. Obturator nerve branching from lumbar plexus (dissect psoas major)
  60. Abherrant obturator artery
  61. Pectineal ligament
  62. Anal column
  63. Pelvic splanchnic nerve
  64. Sacral plexus
  65. Lumbosacral trunk
  66. Superior gluteal artery
  67. Lateral sacral artery
  68. Sacral sympathetic trumk
  69. Uterine artery
  70. Ureter (water under the bridge)
  71. Angle of the clitoris

Practice Practical Keys with Explanations, Relationships, and Notes of Interest

"Hits List" Submissions

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  • Hello everyone, I just added an attachment to this topic. I went through the most recent version of the HITS list for this exam and selected the terms associated with the pelvis and perineum (the area I find the most difficult) and provided the location and other helpful information for each term. It should not be considered complete, but I think it is a helpful overview of terms we NEED to know for the practical for the pelvis and perineum. Hopefully everything is correct--please edit if it is not. Good luck and take care! smile -- AndreaConway - 17 Sep 2006 - 17:35
  • thanks smile i emailed the class, and hopefully we can reorganize the HITS list together (chaos? or success? we will see... ) -- ShwetaNamjoshi - 15 Sep 2006 - 18:53
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