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Grading and Examination Policies for 2007


  • The total number of points for SBMP will be 900.
  • Grades will reflect the total of 4 lecture examinations and 4 laboratory examinations (exams 1-8), each worth 100 points, and an additional 100 points for embryology (divided into 4 examinations consisting of 15 points exam 9a, 35 points exam 9b, 25 points exam 9c, 25 points exam 9d)).
  • Scores on the laboratory and on the lecture examinations will be provided, along with a cumulative (running) average of all examinations.
  • 60% will be the passing grade for all examinations.
  • Individuals with a cumulative (running) average of less than 60% after each set of examinations will be asked to meet with the faculty in order to provide guidance for improvement.
  • To pass the course students must have a cumulative (running) average of 60% on all 9 examinations.
  • Approximately 10-15% of the class will receive an Honors grade.
  • Approximately 10-15% of the class will receive a High Pass grade.


  • Students are required to take all examinations.
  • There will be a lecture and laboratory examination for each of the 4 sections of the course (i.e., 4 lecture and 4 laboratory exams).
  • Inasmuch as possible, each examination will reflect a particular section of work. In other words, the examinations will not measure cumulative learning. However, structures (e.g., nerves, arteries) in one section of work that overlap with another section will be the responsibility of the student.
  • There will be an embryology examination for each of the 4 sections of the course.
  • Unless otherwise noted by the faculty, only information from the textbook (Standring, Gray’s Anatomy) or the dissector (Grant's) will be recognized.
  • Irregularities on tests observed by faculty, staff, and/or students will be immediately brought to the attention of Dr. Richard Simons, Vice-Dean of Educational Affairs.
  • Students are on the honor system for examinations. However, faculty will be present to address questions.
  • Students having problems related to illness must notify Ms. Barbara Blatt’s office in Medical Education before the scheduled examination(s). A medical excuse from a doctor will be required as well as completion of a Notification of Absence Form.
  • Students having problems other than illness must speak with one of the Co-Directors of SBMP in order to be excused from an examination at an assigned time, and make arrangements to reschedule the examination.
  • All corrected tests will be returned to the student. Please retain all tests until the conclusion of the course.
  • Answers to examination questions will be posted.
  • Questions to faculty about answers and/or grading of tests are welcomed. However, these concerns must be brought to our attention within 2 weeks of a particular examination.
  • Sign-up sheets for examinations will be posted at least 2 days prior to scheduled exams. Students will select a number when signing up for the examinations and this number will serve as the identification of that student.





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