Head and Neck: Lectures and Laboratories - Objectives, Notes, Readings, and Suggestions

Cervical Fascia and Posterior Triangle - Dr. Evey

Anterior Triangle, Thryoid, and Root of Neck - Dr. Evey

Introduction to the Cranial Nerves - Dr. Evey

Base of Brain, Scalp, Parotid Region, Temporomandibular Joint, and Infratemporal Fossa - Dr. Evey (December 01, 2020: Zoom 957 5850 5998)

Temporal Fossa, Temporomandibular Joint, and Infratemporal Fossa - Dr. Evey (2020 Zoom # )

Scalp, Cranial Fossae, and Cavernous Sinus - Dr. Evey

Pharyngeal Apparatus and Craniofacial Development - Dr. Evey

Cranial Nerves and Associated Foramina

Globe - Dr. Evey

Globe and Orbit - Dr. Quillen and Michael J. Wilkinson, M.D.

Nervous System Development - Dr. Evey

Craniovertebral Joints and Prevertebral Region - Dr. Evey

Autonomic Nervous System and Autonomic Innervation the Orbit - Dr. Evey

Autonomic Innervation of the Submandibular and Otic Ganglia - Dr. Evey

Pterygopalatine Fossa and Ganglion - Dr. Evey

Sympathetic Innervation of the Head and Neck - Dr. Evey

Pharynx and Nasal Cavity - Drs. Fornadley and Evey

Oral Cavity - Dr. Fornadley and Dr. Evey

Larynx - Dr. McGinn

Temporal Bone and Ear - - Dr. Evey

General Review - Dr. Evey and Staff

  • General review guided by student questions
  • Discussion of new information will be minimal to none

Pharynx - - Dr. Evey

Clinical Correlates


Interior of the Skull (10/09/2009 1PM-3PM - Grant's Dissector pgs 215-227) - Dr. Evey





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